New DPC announced -- #265 "Long exposure"

12 September 2017 - by Micholand
DPC #265 'Long exposure'
This DPC is all about "Long Exposures".
You can use the long exposure any way you like, for instance to get a properly exposed picture of a dark scene, show movement, use a very small aperture to get the desired DOF or any other way a long exposure is needed. As long as it is over 1 second it qualifies. The use of filters (ND or other) is perfectly OK. We're looking forward to what you all can bring on this subject.

So, if you have any photos that qualify (shutter speed >1sec) - please follow the link to add your entries:

DPC #265 "Long Exposures"

You can check The Dyxum Photo Contest Index to see the list of all DPCs that we had so far (and also see what's in the cooking).