Preselection process started for "The Best Of 2012" DPC

15 January 2013 - by MiPr

"The Best Of 2012" DPC is special - we have never had so many candidates in any DPC so far. Therefore we need to do a preselection process to reduce that number from 169 to 25-30 and then do usual voting.

But this DPC is special not only because of the number of candidates - this time we have THE PRIZE (special Dyxum Utility Strap from Op/Tech USA). Because of this the preselection will be done in open.

So jump right here to review all 169 candidates and provide the list of your 10 favourites by replying in aforementioned thread.

BTW, please see The Dyxum Photo Contest Index to check the list of all DPCs that we had so far (and also see what is in cooking).