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M1 Max MacBook Pro Review

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Printed Date: 29 January 2023 at 03:41

Topic: M1 Max MacBook Pro Review
Posted By: kefkafloyd
Subject: M1 Max MacBook Pro Review
Date Posted: 07 November 2021 at 04:21
Hey all,

I've been quiet for a while, the pandemic's really done a number on my photography opportunities. I've also had a career change too, which is working out pretty well. So I've had to find other ways to keep myself occupied. One of them is starting a new blog/podcast. It's generally about retro and modern computing. Maybe there'll even be camera stuff, but it's largely focused on computers.

I did buy one of the new M1 Max MacBook Pros (to replace a butterfly keyboard model) and wrote an extensive review (11,000+ words). The design, size, weight, and such are topics of discussion, along with the screen (how it looks and calibration discussion) and performance too. Lightroom was tested, and the a99ii is the star of course.

There's lightroom comparisons between it and my 5950x/3080TI PC workstation as well. I may do a more photography-focused followup in the future but for a general review I didn't want to get too far in the weeds. -

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Posted By: evangelos k
Date Posted: 23 March 2022 at 01:27
That is a pretty excessive review.   
As also a new 16'' M1 (pro) owner, and reading your display   section... What is the recommended choice for picture editing? I see the Photography preset, but man, this is like a light torch... I cant imagine editing with such high brightness? I have my Oooooold (2012) iMac calibrated since I bought it with the at the time Xrite hardware and the recommended calibration settings have served me well. But when calibrating, any monitor I have had, the brightness gets toned down considerably, as opposed to the photography setting on the M1?

The display is great, and the XDR standard setting matches pretty much my old 2019 Macbook, with obviously greater contrast and color depth.

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Posted By: Saratoga
Date Posted: 13 August 2022 at 03:47
Thanks very much for the comprehensive review.

When I started looking earlier it was more of upgrading and replacing my 2015 13" MBP with 8GB/512GB to either an M1 or M2 MBP or MBA, 13 or 14". But I think whatever I'd go with is going to be 16GB ram and 1TB SSD.

My current MBP, although with good battery has the 'staingate' issue on the screen and for some photography in the daytime it's not good for post processing.

Hmm. £1.8K is a lot though. Hmm.

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