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Using Maxxum lenses on Sony mirrorless A7C

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Topic: Using Maxxum lenses on Sony mirrorless A7C
Posted By: alphadog87
Subject: Using Maxxum lenses on Sony mirrorless A7C
Date Posted: 20 June 2022 at 17:41
What adapter will allow me to autofocus Minolta Maxxum lenses on the Sony A7C full frame mirrorless camera? I have the LA EA2 for using Sony lenses and AF works on a NEX but the Maxxum lenses are only manual with that adapter. Thanks

Posted By: mambo
Date Posted: 20 June 2022 at 18:39
The best adapter for Minolta Maxum lenses which are all screw driven lenses is the LAEA4 for the A7C. I would suggest getting one with a - Monster adapter chip or purchasing and installing the chip yourself as it enables more optimum use of the camera's AF functions and does not use the extremely limited one in the adapter.

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Posted By: Phil Wood
Date Posted: 20 June 2022 at 18:52
For full AF of older, screw driven AF lenses (ie almost all Minolta AF) you need an LA-EA4 adapter. This will also work with motorised lenses (eg Sony SAM & SSM) but the adapter does the AF, not the camera. The best bet for motorised lenses is the LA-EA3 which leaves the camera to do the AF, but only allows manual focus with screw-drive lenses. You really need both adapters if you want the best AF with both styles of lens.

The LA-EA2 will AF with the screw-drive lenses, but it is for cropped sensor (APS) bodies like the Nex and A6000 series. It will work on an A7C but will only use and APS sized part of the sensor so your pictures will be around 10.5 MP rather than 24.

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