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Personal Choice #1: Nebbor

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Topic: Personal Choice #1: Nebbor
Posted By: Bob J
Subject: Personal Choice #1: Nebbor
Date Posted: 21 February 2011 at 12:43
This is the first of what we hope will be a series of ‘Personal choice’ selections by Dyxum members.

The idea is that individual members pick out a series of shots from the photo galleries that have had an impact on them over the last few weeks or months; Nebbor has kindly stepped forward to submit the first set and we hope that a few other people we approached may be able to follow up in the next few weeks or months.

If you would be interested in compiling a Personal Choice of your own, please get in contact with us via PM.


Dyxum member Nebbor writes:
I was asked to put down my personal favourites of recent times for a new feature of Dyxum called "Personal choice". This proved to be not an easy task. However I managed to get quite a few shots together, below is the result.

"Pepper" posted by Bob J">

Wonderfully simple: a hand and an pepper. But skillfully photographed and PP-ed so it becomes a very powerfull image.

"S is for snow" posted by jamesmd">

Asymmetrical symmetry is what i like to call this: almost a symmetrical background, just OOF enough and the random snowflakes. Well seen and nicely executed shot.

Posted by common">

A very striking image. The emotion of the girl seems to change while you are looking at it. One of the best portaits ever for me.

"Love umbrellas" posted by jamesmd">

Shot for the "Umbrella" DPC I think it is a brilliant idea and very well executed. Using objects to create another object: very creative!

Posted by Mark L">

Very hard for me to explain why I picked this one but it grabs me.

Posted by jvsanchez">

Intense purple and yellow, good use of DOF, nice composition. A classic flower shot.

"Huntington Pier CA" posted by common">

A shot where there is so much to see and to imagine yet very simple. Love the lines in the shot, great composition.

"Starlings" posted by frank61">

The movement captured and the diagonal lines the birds create create a very dynamic photograph.

Posted by kubuthor">

Stunning simplicity and very captivating. Never I looked at a shot so long where there is so little to see. Absolutely brilliant.

Posted by Bob J">

Beautifull color gradients and composition. Always impresses me to make something extraordinary out of something ordinary.

"Enlightened" posted by smcabbott">

A shot made great by composition. It tickles the curiosity of the viewer: I still don't know what it is. Intriguing.

"Endless time 3" posted by darosa">

I am not a fan of extreme PP but this is such a nice shot made even better by the PP. Love the Droste effect, great title.

"Boeing BBJ VP-BRT leaving St. Moritz in the last winter sun" posted by Daninho">

Great angle fitting the subject well. Stunning light and background. All about being at the right place at the right time.

These personal choices were hard to pick, so many great shots posted every week. It is just a reflection of what I liked best. It easily could have been many, many more. Keep up the high standard.

RBJ ~ - Moderation on Dyxum

Posted By: jamesmd
Date Posted: 21 February 2011 at 13:52
Thankyou Nebbor , I'm realy impressed , you can't imagine how happy this made me .

Photograph is my hobby and I love it . It's my favourite way of relaxing and having time for me , without thinking of anything else . I would love to take photographs of people , and street , but I wasn't designed for that I think , so I photograph things and moments that catch my eye . All this is to say that I thought my photos didn't really get anywhere , and today for first time I felt proud and happy with the photos I take .

So tankyou so much again .

It's a honour for me to be selected by you with such great shots of all others .

James .

what ever you do, have fun. thats what it's all about
and move , move you body move your mind , move your point of view, suddenly everything changes ...

Posted By: smcabbott
Date Posted: 21 February 2011 at 14:23
Wow, what a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning! This is a great feature and I look forward to future installments.

Nebbor, thanks for sharing your picks and thoughts with us. I truly enjoy seeing what strikes the fancy of others. My shot that you chose was just an attempt to find an interesting way to portray a rather ordinary object. If you like, I'll "enlighten" you on what it is.   

Well done to Nebbor on the selection and write up and well done to all those with chosen images.   


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Posted By: frank61
Date Posted: 21 February 2011 at 16:10
Many thanks Nebbor for selecting my photography as one of Your favourites. This is a big honour. There are so much good photos in the forum. Congratulation You to be a leader of this new gallery "Personal choice". I like the comments You write down at photos and why You select It too. I would say, very good selection

------------- -
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To all: Good lights, the sharp eye and tight hands.
Thanks for reviews and comments.

Posted By: Miwok
Date Posted: 21 February 2011 at 18:16
Beautiful selection, beautiful images!! Thanks Nebbor!!

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Posted By: jvsanchez
Date Posted: 21 February 2011 at 18:54
I, like the others, am equally honored to have one of my photos selected for your set.

An excellent selection, and one of the many reasons why i continue to visit and post to dyxum as much as i can!

Great job Nebbor!

- Vincent
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Posted By: darosa
Date Posted: 21 February 2011 at 20:09
This is a great new series. Kudos to Nebbor for producing the 1st set. It's not easy to put into words what you like about a photo: it grabs you but sometimes you don't know why or you do but how do you say it . Great job Nebbor; and a very good initiative. For me Dyxum is about photos primarily (all the rumours about gear and discussions about where Sony is going I find tiresome at best) and this series is a welcome addition. It's interesting and instructive to read other people's thoughts about why photos work for them.
Oh, and I'm very honoured that one of my photos is part of this set !

Posted By: maewpa
Date Posted: 22 February 2011 at 02:24
Great article and idea - it's really interesting to know the why as well as the what. Great start to this series, I think.

Paul aka maewpa

Posted By: mpb
Date Posted: 22 February 2011 at 02:28
Wow, what a difficult task and well done for accepting the challenge.

A great job on selection a wounderful group of photos and a good range of styles.


Posted By: rivetr
Date Posted: 22 February 2011 at 04:01
Thank you so much: your choices were beautiful and inspiring. Thanks, too, to those who made such wonderful images!

Posted By: jvsanchez
Date Posted: 22 February 2011 at 05:02
nebbor... out of curiosity, where'd you find my picture of the water lily?

- Vincent
My Kit: α77 II | α7 II | CZ24-70/4 | ∑ 30/1.4 | ∑ 105/2.8 EX | M 28/2.8 | ∑ 50/1.4 | α 70-200G | M 500/8 Reflex | M 50/2.8 RS | α 70-400G

Posted By: yamaha83
Date Posted: 22 February 2011 at 05:40
looking forward to more from this series as well!!

------------- - -

Posted By: DaveK
Date Posted: 22 February 2011 at 18:06

What a great collection of inspiring photos indeed! Well done! And for the ones who had their photo picked: congrats!

A very nice new thread. Let's keep it alive!

Best regards, Dave
A7r & A7r3
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Posted By: aa
Date Posted: 23 February 2011 at 01:10
very good picks here nebbor and you're right, it's not an easy task with all the great/vast photos here in our threads   

-------------'s all about timing

Posted By: nirdomany
Date Posted: 26 February 2011 at 07:16
Great selection.
The hard part is to decide which is to stay out..

nobody argues with the sea


Posted By: Roger Rex
Date Posted: 26 February 2011 at 14:05

This is an incredible set (yes, I tend to like clean, simple shots).

Nebbor - thank you so much for being so diligent, taking the time to look through a lot of photos.   Many of them I have not seen because I seem to stick to the Open Forum but will no longer.

I will come back to this thread, and the others that follow, again and and again for inspiration. Kudos to Dyxum for a fabulous idea and to Nebbor for executing it masterfully. I am really looking forward to seeing how others execute the assignment, reflecting their own preferences. This idea, along with the "One of Us" threads are a great way to expose us to other members' work and ideas by consolidating images into a single thread.

Hatred corrodes the container it is carried in.

Posted By: common
Date Posted: 28 February 2011 at 09:11
Thank you so much for the double inclusion, i've lost a little of my 'mojo' for photography recently and this has renewed it!!


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Posted By: Daninho
Date Posted: 28 February 2011 at 10:20
Thank you Nebbor for including my pictures!

Stunning pictures there, great!

Visit my website:

Posted By: owenn01
Date Posted: 28 February 2011 at 10:53
Hi Nebbor,

This is such an interesting series on two counts; one, it gives us the chance to review images that perhaps we haven't seen recently, and two, and possibly more important, it gives us a great insight into your view on images and what really 'connects' with you as both an image viewer and taker.

What comes across to me is your liking of the simplicity of an image and the messages this can communicate; there are some beautiful and striking images in this set and I know just how long and hard you will have thought about presenting this distillation of so many possible candidates.

Thank you so much for this and I think this gives everyone a possible opportunity to create something similar for us all to look at - as a contributor it might even make you think about what makes you tick!

Kind regards, Neil.

My Mantra: "Comment on other's work as you would wish to have yours commented upon". Go on - it's fun!

Posted By: kubuthor
Date Posted: 28 February 2011 at 11:00
I don´t post here frequently (well, some kind of language barrier, maybe ), but I am honored to be selected... and yes, like the others before me, thank you for making me proud of my photo, thanks a lot!
I promise I will post here a little bit more!

Could be hard work to choose, but... also a kind of a work that is nice to do, I think...
The pictures you have chosen are great and also was it great to come through their related galleries!

My English... sorry, but... couldn´t we speak Czech? :)

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Posted By: Dave132
Date Posted: 07 March 2011 at 17:30
Thank you - I'm inspired!

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