Alpha (A-mount and E-mount) lens guide

Alpha camera system includes Sony A-mount and E-mount camera lenses.



A-mount lens bayonet was first introduced by Minolta in 1985 for their first generations AF SLR (film) cameras and is used today with ALL Sony A-mount (Alpha) cameras.

Minolta used 3 different names for their AF SLR cameras in various part of the world. Maxxum, Dynax and Alpha (in Japan). When Sony took over Konica-Minolta imaging division, they took Alpha name as a worlwide system name for A-mount cameras.

Cameras with A-mount bayonet are:

  • Minolta SLR film (ex. 7000, 5000, 5xi, 7 ...)
  • Konica Minolta DSLR (7D, 5D)
  • Sony DSLR (a100, a250, a500, a700, a900 ... )
  • Sony SLT (a33, a55, a77 ...)


E-mount lens bayonet is introduced by Sony in 2010 as part of their NEX system. In October 2013, Sony dismissed NEX branding stating that from now on, both A-mount and E-mount systems are part of Alpha family.

Cameras with E-mount bayonet are:

  • Sony NEX (NEX-3, NEX-C3, NEX-5R, NEX-7 ....)
  • Sony ILCE (a3000, a7, a7r)

Dyxum lens database

Dyxum lens database was first introduced in 2004 and contains most of lenses ever made for A-mount including lenses manufactured by Minolta, Sony, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Carl Zeiss and other lens manufacturers. Here you will find lens specifications, related links, lens images and user submitted lens reviews.

In October 2013 we started adding E-mount lenses as well

Since information collected here is from various sources there may be some errors and if you find one of them, we would really appreciate if you can notify us about them.


Lens compatibility for A-mount lenses

To our knowledge all Minolta and Sony A-mount lenses listed in our lens database should work on all Konica Minolta and Sony Alpha DSLR and SLT cameras. Some older Sigma and Tokina lenses listed in our database may not be compatible with mentioned cameras; please consult lens detail page in case we have any additional info about lens compatibility.

Sony Alpha SLT cameras, MAY not be compatible with some 3-party lenses. On 10 September 2010, Sigma has issued an advisory notice for Sony A33 and A55 cameras stating incompatibility between Sigma lenses and SLT cameras.

Lens reviews

Since the very beginning of dyxum website, user reviews of their lenses are among most important part of our lens database.

Today, it is not rare seeing our lens database and user reviews referenced on many websites and forums. No doubt that user feedbacks can be of great help in learning more about a particular lens but you should always take these reviews only as an additional information to other resources and not as a definite value of a lens.

We all do differ in our experiences, knowledge, expectations or needs and these differences are reflected in user reviews.

Only registered dyxum members can submit lens reviews !

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Submit lens info

If you are aware of some native A-mount or E-mount lens that is not listed in here, you can submit lens data by yourself. By doing this please include all information you have including web links, lens images and your comments. We will not include lenses with only lens name and very few information.

E-mount adapters

E-mount is extremely flexible in adapting other mount lenses to E-mount cameras by using various lens adapters. Currently we don't have E-mount adapters covered in our lens database but we plan to do something about it in the near future.

Aside our lens database, we suggest you to use mhohner website as your reference website !

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who have provided help of any kind in making this database, especially to all dyxum members who have shared their experiences by reviewing their lenses. - Home of the alpha system photographer
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