Arctic Butterfly 724


I have tried most of the Visibledust products in the past and I simply need to admire this company for all dedications they are giving to their products and customers. It's simply fantastic to see that with each new products (or product version) Visibledust is incorporating suggestions from their customers.

Arctic Butterfly 724

First of all Arctic Butterfly™ 724 does come with very durable carry case. I believe that the brush would be protected even if you throw it from a plain.

In my Artic Butterfly review I did stated that it was a near perfect product for its job. Well, let me say this time, that VisibleDust will have a lot of problems improving Arctic Butterfly™ 724. It's simply perfect !!

What was my main complain about original Butterfly is the on/off switch which was pressed occasionally too easily. This is improved a lot and there isn't any reason anymore to take out batteries when not in use (which was the case with the original version).


Arctic Butterfly 724

Arctic Butterfly 724

Visibledust has done a great job in transforming one excellent product in a perfect one.

Protective brush cover is improved as well since sometimes this was a bit problematic with the older version. With a new, ergonomic shaped body Arctic Butterfly™ 724 is simply a ultimate anti-dust tool on the market. 

Did you expected to read something about removing dust? How well does it work? Please read my previous brush reviews; in my opinion there isn't a more effective, easier and safe options than visibledust brushes.

Not once i did heard that these products are too expensive. In a risk to repeat myself  I will say that personally I really think these products are worth the money. Why? Well, put it this way .. do you have dust problems? I don't. Simply as that.

Along with Arctic Butterfly™ 724, Visibledust has released other products like Ultra MXD-100 and DHAP swabs. With this new products (i hope we will have the chance to review them as well) visibledust is providing the most complete set of tools of keeping our cameras clean and healthy.


Happy shooting


I want to express my gratitude to Visibledust company. They have found worth sending their products for review purposes.

However, the overall impressions of Visibledust products that you can find on dyxum aren't in any way influenced by their donation. We write our contents and validate various products considering exclusively their quality point of view. Otherwise would not make any sense.

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