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[B]Bold[/B] Bold
[I]Italic[/I] Italic
[U]Underline[/U] Underline
[CENTER]Centre[/CENTER] Centre
Images and Links
[URL=]My Link[/URL] My Link
[]My Email[/EMAIL] My Email
[FONT=Arial]Arial[/FONT] Arial
[FONT=Courier]Courier[/FONT] Courier
[FONT=Times]Times[/FONT] Times
[FONT=Verdana]Verdana[/FONT] Verdana
[SIZE=1]Font Size 1[/SIZE] Font Size 1
[SIZE=2]Font Size 2[/SIZE] Font Size 2
[SIZE=3]Font Size 3[/SIZE] Font Size 3
[SIZE=4]Font Size 4[/SIZE] Font Size 4
[SIZE=5]Font Size 5[/SIZE] Font Size 5
[SIZE=6]Font Size 6[/SIZE] Font Size 6
Font Colours
[COLOR=BLACK]Black Font[/COLOR] Black Font
[COLOR=WHITE]White Font[/COLOR] White Font
[COLOR=BLUE]Blue Font[/COLOR] Blue Font
[COLOR=RED]Red Font[/COLOR] Red Font
[COLOR=GREEN]Green Font[/COLOR] Green Font
[COLOR=YELLOW]Yellow Font[/COLOR] Yellow Font
[COLOR=ORANGE]Orange Font[/COLOR] Orange Font
[COLOR=BROWN]Brown Font[/COLOR] Brown Font
[COLOR=MAGENTA]Magenta Font[/COLOR] Magenta Font
[COLOR=CYAN]Cyan Font[/COLOR] Cyan Font
[COLOR=LIMEGREEN]Lime Green Font[/COLOR] Lime Green Font
[Quote=Username]Quoted Message With Username[/QUOTE]
[Quote]Quoted Message[/QUOTE]
Code and Fixed Width Data
[CODE]My Code or Fixed Width Data[/CODE]
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[HIDE]Hidden Post Content, revealed when Member Posts Reply[/HIDE]
Spoiler Content
[SPOILER]Hidden Spoiler Content, revealed when 'Show' button is clicked[/SPOILER]
[TUBE]File Name[/TUBE]
[:D]Big smile[:D][LOL]LOL[LOL]
[:o)]Clown[:o)][}:)]Evil Smile[}:)]
[:V:]Disapprove[:V:][:|]Stern Smile[:|]
[:Y:]Thumbs Up[:Y:][:N:]Thumbs Down[:N:]
[L]Heart[L][%(]Broken Heart[%(]
[%]Ying Yang[%][Nuke]Nuke[Nuke]
[BADH]Beating A Dead Horse[BADH][respect]Respect[respect]
[:-SS]Nail biting[:-SS][:-t]Time out[:-t]
[#:-S]Whew[#:-S][=))]Rolling on the floor[=))]
[%-(]Not listening[%-(][X_X]I don't want to see[X_X]