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Topic Closedis the A-mount dead?

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: is the A-mount dead?
    Posted: 21 October 2021 at 12:20
What are your thoughts..?
Will Sony ever release new A-mount cameras, or is it an era bygone, and all of us who owns A-mount equipment (cameras + lenses) needs to think about slowly switching to E-mount gear?

I have the a77II, and I am very happy with it.
I haven't really tried any of the new A7xxx's with FF E-mount or the like, but I don't like the thought of having to replace my entire collection of lenses etc..
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 21 October 2021 at 12:30
It depends on your definition of "dead".

Whilst there are people still using it then in one sense the mount is not dead.

If you mean that at some point will there be new A-mount lenses or bodies from Sony, then the answer is no. In that sense, the mount is as dead as the proverbial dodo.
Stuart M.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 21 October 2021 at 12:34
IMHO, E-mount plus the LA-EA5 adapter is the future for A-mount.

At this moment, only 3 cameras support the LA-EA5 to the full (so AF for both screw drive A-mount lenses as A-mount lenses with SAM/SSM focus motors in the lens): The A6600, the A7RIV and the A1. Let's see if the coming A7IV will support it fully as well.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 21 October 2021 at 13:49
Yes, there will be no new A-mount bodies or A-mount glass. But the existing A-mount bodies will last for quite some time - and the A-mount glass will last even longer.

I offered my A99M2 for a rather low price here on Dyxum and (fortunately) didn't get a single response. Prices on Fleabay turned out to be much higher and it's gone now for good. I have now a A7RM4 with the LA-EA5 adapter and it works excellently with my remaining A-mount glass (I sold quite a number of lenses, too): some "legacy" lenses (like the Minolta AF 200mm F/2.8) and my A-mount Zeiss primes.

I have kept some quirky old A-mount lenses as well - like the Tamron Tele-Macro 35-135mm - and they work perfectly with the LA-EA5! I m sure that a lot of my glass will survive me! So I think we are far from the point in time when you write obituaries.

Changing to E-mount has been an experience of increasing diversity for me. Not only that third parties offer interesting new lenses, you can also use old lenses from the film days. I recently did a series of portraits with my A6500 and Konica Hexanon AR 57mm F/1.4 and I am impressed by the IQ of this lens.

In your case a A6600 body (or its successor which will probably have a higher pixel count) will offer a good pathway for changing the mount without loosing the lenses you now use and enjoy.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 21 October 2021 at 14:27
Much the same answer as the 18 pages of this thread ; https://www.dyxum.com/dforum/is-the-amount-finally-dead_topic136311.html

As a side note , I'm still using my a900 and a77ii both of which are alive and well .
I've just bought an a7Riv and LA-EA5 and Sigma MC-11 , so all that's good .
And with prices of A mount gear dropping I've finally after many years of lusting got a Minolta 300mm f/2.8 and Minolta 400mm f/4.5 !
Not had much chance to play with them yet , but my A mount gear is definitely alive and well !
If/when I see an a99ii at a good price in a few years I will pick one of them up too .

Edited by neilt3 - 21 October 2021 at 18:51
see my photostream on flickr;
C & C welcome.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 21 October 2021 at 14:41
The A6600 is not much like an A77II. Outside of both having 24 MP APS-C sensors and some form of IBIS. It doesn't fully support the LA-EA5 in my book since Sony didn't Include Lens Compensation support for A-mount lenses in that body.

It doesn't seem like Sony will ever produce an APS-C camera like the A77 again. The A7III and A7IV are closer, and personally I like them more.

The A6100 and A6400 make more sense to me mostly when paired with native OSS lenses.
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