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Admin Group
Admin Group
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Joined: 30 October 2005
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 28 January 2011 at 18:10
It's about time for a further addition of "Meet the Mods" and to write some few words about myself in here so that the regular members do get to know the currently active members of Dyxum team.

This is me, Michael aka Micholand. I live in Munich, Germany and was selected to join the Dyxum mod team already way back in spring 2010 to keep an eye on the more technical stuff and discussions on the forum as well as to keep (sub)forums somehow clean. Unfortunately you can't make a living as a member of the admin/mod team, though quite some time is spent behind the scenes - it's a leisure activity only . Hence in real life I'm still working as an engineer at a tech company here in Munich.

Besides photography my other interests are sailing, skiing, cycling and reading.

If you want to read a bit more, especially about my photography, than have a look at my old "One of Us" article posted here.

DWEs don't grow on trees! | Posting images&links FAQ

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Senior Member
Senior Member

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 13 March 2013 at 23:45
After reading all of the intros on this page I thought I'd add my own.

Born Ricardo Alexander Vasquez in Feb of 1984 in Los Angeles California where I was raised.

My family was normal aside from the split between my Mother and Father when I was 4. Oddly enough this is what I believe has made me such a strong person in life.

I grew up in basically 2 worlds. With my father I was environmentally subjected to some of the most violent streets Los Angeles had to offer at the time. I would hear gunfire on a daily basis and there was a funeral every week from a street gangmember or unfortunately an innocent bystander. This part of life is what I believe made strong and made me aware of everything around me, not just physically but being very careful in the type of things I would later be involved with.

With my mother, it was like night and day compared to my fathers place. Keep in mind, in both scenarios we are poor , but my mother is a strong willed individual and she wanted us to succeed in life and the only way she saw that happening was moving away from Los Angeles.

You may think "moving away from Los Angeles" needs to be in another state, but in reality as you head away from Los Angeles, say, The San Fernando Valley which is roughly 20 miles North of Los Angeles, everything seems cleaner, more prominent businesses start to crop up, and people actually walk the streets and the graffiti is very scarce.

My mother is 100% the reason I am still alive today because had she not removed us from that environment it would have been very easy to fall in to bad paths where we grew up. I always visited my father however and my parents have always been on good terms. A very loving family all around. This part of my life taught me LOVE.

But enough of the History, moving on to my present. I am blessed to be married to a beautiful woman, Vanessa, since January of 2007. We have a beautiful daughter, Savannah, who is 5yrs old and is undoubtably the love of my existence.

My wife is currently 9 months pregnant and should be due any minute now. I keep calling her from work any chance I get to make sure she is doing well. I always leave her with someone that can drive her to the hospital if need be. We are very happy and excited to welcome baby Ricardo Alessandro Vasquez to the family. He will be the fourth consecutive Ricardo through my fathers side.

When I look back to my photography past, I can honestly say there isn't much history there. As I stated before, we were poor and my father never had a camera besides the disposible ones. Even though that was the case they still took a whole bunch of pictures of us.

So i can't really say I grew up wanting to do photography. What DID get me in to photography, and I'm sure I'm not the only one here, is my first born. I wanted to capture every single little thing my daughter did. So far I would like to think that I'm succeeding at the task judging by how badly my daughter wants to get away from me as soon as I pick the camera up, lol.

In photography, as in almost everything else I do, I tend to dive right in to something and go all out. I like going to forums of the things I like and contributing so that I can possibly make someone else's life easier. I have been a mod for a discus forum (fish), which I was once heavily in to. What stopped me from that hobby was the fact that I threw out my back picking up juggs of water, lol. I figured the photography hobby couldn't be as expensive as my fish hobby. Boy was I wrong!

So, if I had to describe myself in one short sentence, I'd say I am a man who loves hobbies and loves other people who love hobbies

Love local meets:

Dyxum meet by rickztahone, on Flickr
That's me on the far right

And finally here is the most recent picture of me before handing over my cousins birthday present:

Laila and Rick by rickztahone, on Flickr

I hope to be a good contributor as an Alpha Eyes member and I am sure I will bombard the Admin team with questions

Thanks for reading.
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Alpha Eyes group
Alpha Eyes group

Joined: 24 January 2012
Country: United States
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 16 March 2013 at 01:27
My name is Ian Freedman. I currently teach physics and astronomy at a community college in mid-state New York, a couple hours north of NY City. Before this, I worked as a legal editor and a freelance writer. Writing continues to be a passion of mine, although I've spent far less time writing since my kids were born (and more time with photography). My son is now 7, and my daughter is 4. My wife is a psychologist. I've long been interested in photography and optics, although I only bought a DSLR (a DSLT really, my A33) a couple of years ago. My first SLR was an Olympus OM1 I got from my mother, which I took on my honeymoon when the P&S film camera I had broke the day before we left. After that, I bought an advanced P&S canon digital camera, but always had visions of buying an SLR at some point. I'm definitely a bit of a gear head. I like building photographic equipment and lenses, as well as dismantling equipment. I enjoy enjoy editing pics and viewing pics, obviously.

My wife doesn't like me posting family pics publicly online, so you're unlikely to see clear pics of my kids, but I have posted a recent self-portrait below (a la Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate). As much as I'd love to post kid pics, in her defense, in my classes I sometimes find random pics of strangers posing with statues of famous scientists (it's more interesting than just showing pics the scientists). So you never know when someone across the globe could be showing your picture to a group of college students.

A couple of other interests include ultimate frisbee & University of Michigan sports (especially football).

My Flickr Account

I look forward to getting to know you all better. Thanks for being so welcoming!


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