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Topic ClosedInternet Acronyms

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    Posted: 15 August 2005 at 13:19
In case you ever wondered what some acronyms mean:

AAA -As An Aside (1)

AFAIK -As Far as I Know

AFK -Away From Keyboard

AIIC -As If I Care

AISI -As I See It

AKA -Also Known As

AMUATOAB -As Much Use as Tits on a Bull (1)

ANFAWFOS -And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

ASAP -As Soon As Possible

ASAFP -As Soon As (limited vocab.)' Possible

AWATDT -Are we allowed to do that? (**2)

AYF -All Your Fault

BAIC -Boy Am I Confused

BAK -Back At Keyboard

BBQ -BarBeQue

BF -Boy Friend

BFN -Bye For Now

BNF -Big Name Fan

BNI -Batteries Not Included

BOC -But Of Course

BOF -Birds of a Feather (Special Interest Group)

BOS -Big Orange Switch (Panic Button)

BOT -Back on Topic

BRB -Be Right Back

BRS -Big Red Switch (Panic Button)

BS -Bulls****

BSEG -Big S* Eating A Grin

BTDT -Been There, Done That

BTFT -Been There, Fixed That

BTFM -Beats the Funk out of Me

BTW -By the way

BUGS -Bloody User Generated Symptoms

C&B -Crash & Burn

CATCH -Come Again? That Can't Help!

CE -Creative Editing

CIAO -Goodbye

COTFLGOHAHA -Crawling on the Floor Laughing Guts Out and Having a Heart Attack

CSY -Can't Stop Yawning

CU -Cracking Up

CUL -Catch You Later (Goodbye)

CUL8R -See You Later

CWYL -Chat With You Later

CYA -Cover Your Ass

CYA -See Ya

CYHASTD? -Cross Your Heart and Swear to Die? (1)

D&C -Duck & Cover

DBA -Doing Business As

DBN -Doing Business Not

DIAFYO -Did I Ask For Your Opinion

DILLIGAFF -Do I look Like I give a Flying Figment?

DITUIHIBMSL -Did I Tell You I Hate IBMs Lately

DITUILIBMSL -Did I Tell You I Love IBMs Lately

DNPM -Damn Near P***ed Myself

DUCWIC -Do You See What I See?

DUCWIM -Do You See What I Mean?

DUHWIH -Do You Hear What I Hear?

E2EG-Ear to Ear Grin

EOD -End of Discussion

EOL -End of Lecture

EOM -End of Message (short e-mails where the topic is the subject line, no text in the e-mail. Saves bandwidth!)

ESAD -Eat S* And Die

ESAL -Eat S* And Live

ETLA -Enhanced TLA

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

FIGMO -Forget It, I've Got My Orders

FIIN -F* if I Know

FITB -Fill In the Blanks

FM -Fine Magic

FOAD -F* off and Die

FOAF -Friend of a Friend

FOAFOAG -Father of a Friend of a Girlfriend

FOAG -Father of a Girlfriend

FOT -Full of Tripe

FRZ -(limited vocab.)' Religious Zealot

FTASB -Faster than a Speeding Bullet

FTL -Faster than Light

FUA -Frequently Used Acronyms

FUBAR -Fouled Up (!) Beyond All Recognition (or Repair)

FUMTU -F*ed up More Than Usual

FUD -Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

FWIW -For what it's worth

FYEO -For Your Eyes Only

FYA -For Your Action

FYI -For Your Information

FYO -For Your Opinion

GAS -Gear Acquisition Syndrome

GASP -Go Away, Silly Person!

GD&R -Grinning, Ducking and Running

GD&RVV F-Grinning, Ducking and Running Very Very Fast

GF -Girl Friend

GGN -Gotta Go Now

GIGO -Garbage In, Garbage Out

GIWIST -Gee I Wish I'd Said That

GMTA -Great Minds Think Alike

GOMF -Get Outta My Face

GRUIT -Get Real you Impudent Thing

GTFOOMF -Get the F* Out of My Face

HAND -Have A Nice Day

HHOK -Ha Ha Only Kidding

HOMPR -Hang On, Mobile Phone's Ringing

HTH -Hope This Helps

HWS(PEST) -Husband Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing)

IAC -In Any Case

IAE -In Any Event

IANAL -I Am Not A Lawyer, also IANA... such as CPA

IANALBIPOOTV -I Am Not A Lawyer, But I Play One On TV

IARTPFWTSIOWIM -I am Repeating this Parrot fashion without the slightest idea of what it Means

IBC -Inadequate But Cute

IBM -Inadequate But Marketable

ICUR -I See You Are

IDGABTT -It Don't Get Any Better Than This

IDGAD -I Don't Give a Damn

IDGAS -I Don't Give a S*

IDTS -I Don't Think So

IAGTTTBTUIB -I am going to test this bloody thing until it breaks (1)

IIRC -If I Remember Correctly

IITYWTMWYBMAD -If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me A Drink?

IITYWTMWYKM -If I Tell You What This Means, Will You Kiss ME?

ILIWTPCTI -Love It When the Plan Comes Together

ILSHIBAMF -Laughed so Hard I Broke All my Furniture

IMAO -In My Arrogant Opinion

IMBO -In My Biased Opinion

IMCO -In My Considered Opinion

IMHO -In My Humble Opinion

IMNSHO -In My Not So Humble Opinion

IMO -In My Opinion

IMVHO -In My Very Humble Opinion

INPO -In No Particular Order

IOW -In other words

IRL -In Real Life

IUD -Insert Usual Disclaimers

IYCBTTSTWS -If You Can't Beat Them Then Screw Them With Science (1)

JK -Just Kidding

KISS -Keep It Simple Stupid

KMA -Kiss my A*

KWIM -Know What I Mean?

L8R -Later

LAGNAF -Let's All Get Naked and Fool Around

LLTA -Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause

LMFAO -Laughing My F* A* Off

LMTTA -Leave Me the F* Alone

LOL -Laughing Out Loud

LTIP -Laughing Til I Puke

MAFAGTFATT -My a** and fingers are getting tired from all this typing (1)

MCBTY(SN) -My Computer is Better than Yours (So Nyerrr)

MFG -More Friendly Garbage

MHDC(A) -My Hard Drive Crashed (Again)

MMIF -My Mouth Is Full

MYOB -Mind Your Own Business

NAA! -Not Another Acronym!

NBD -No Big Deal

NERD -National Establishment for Real Dorks

NFA -No Flaming Allowed

NFW -No F*ing Way

NIMBY -Not in My Back Yard

NJTH -Not Just Thinking Here

NOMS -Not on MY System

NNTR -No Need to Reply/Respond

NRN -No Reply Necessary

NSFW -Not Safe for Work

NT -No Text (often in brackets)

NTL -Nevertheless

NUNP -No Users, No Problems

OATUS -On a Totally Unrelated Subject

OAUS -On a Related Subject

OIC -Oh, I See

OMG -Oh My God

ONNA -Oh No, Not Again

ONNTA -Oh No, Not This Again

OOSOOM -Out of Sight, Out of Mind

OOTC -Obligatory On-Topic Comment

OTFM -Only the Facts, Mam

OTC -Over the Counter

OTOH -On the other hand

OTTOMH -Off the Top of My Head

OTTOMHAROOB -Off the Top of My Head and Rolling Out of Bounds

OTW -On the Whole

OWTT E-Or Words to that Effect

PBKAC -Problem Between Keyboard and Chair

PFM -Pure (needless bad lang.) Magic

PICNIC -Problem In Chair Not In Computer

PITA -Pain In The Ass

PMETC -Pardon Me, etc.

PMYMHMMFSWGAD -Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me for Someone Who Gives A Damn

POQ -P* Off Quickly Please

POQADCB -P* Off Quickly and Don't Come back

POV -Point of View

PPP -Petty Pet Peeve

PTMM -Please Tell Me More

RML -Read my lips (1)

ROFFNAR -Rolling on the Floor for no Apparent Reason

ROFL -Rolling on Floor Laughing

ROFLBSSATT -Rolling On Floor Laughing But Strangely Still Able To Type

ROFLOL -Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud

ROFLMAO -Rolling on Floor Laughing My Ass Off

ROFLOLBAG -Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud Busting a Gut

ROFPML -Rolling on the Floor P*ing Myself Laughing

ROTBA -Reality on the Blink Again

RSN -Real Soon Now [which may be a long time coming]

RTFI -Read the (Friendly) Instructions

RTFM -Read the (limited vocab.) manual!

RTFMS -Read the (limited vocab.) Manual, Sir!

SAR -Some Assembly Required

SBCN -Sitting Behind the Computer, Naked

SHM -S*** Happens, Mate

SICS -Sitting in Chair Snickering

SIIN -S*** if I Know

SNAFU -Situation Normal: All Fouled (!) Up

SITD -Still in the dark

SO -Significant Other

SOE -Silly/Stupid Operator Error

SOL -Still Out of Luck (or something thereabouts <g>)

SOP -Standard Operational Procedure

SWSL -Shaking With Silent Laughter

TANJ -There Aint No Justice -- Niven

TANSTAAFL -There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free lunch

TCB -Taking Care of Business

TDMATBICPLY -This Doesn't Mean A Thing But It Confuses People Like You

TGAL -Think Globally, Act Locally

TIA -Thanks In Advance (also AtDhVaAnNkCsE)

TIC -Tongue in cheek

TINALO -This is Not a Legal Opinion

TINAR -This is Not a Recommendation

TINWIS -That is Not What I Said

TLA -Three Letter Acronym (such as this)

TM -Trust Me

TNOTVS -There's Nothing on Television, so...

TPS(S) -This Program Sucks, (Severely)

TPTB -The Powers That Be

TRDMC -Tears Running Down My Cheeks

TSOHF -Total Sense of Humor Failure

TTBOMK -To the Best of My Knowledge

TTFN -Ta Ta for Now

TTIUWOP -This Thread is Useless Without Pics

TTM -To The Moderator

TTYL -Talk To You Later

TTYRS -Talk To You Real Soon

TUFD -The User File Died

UTFG -Use The F...... Google

VETLA -Very Enhanced TLA

WAB -What, Another Bill

WAMKSAM -Why are My Kitties (Kids) Staring at Me

WB -Welcome Back

WBS -Write Back Soon

WDYMBT -What do You Mean by That

WHOCARES -Wallis Hayton Osmium Chloride Acidity Regulated Enhanced Sensor (Sony R&D) (1)

WIBAMU -Well, I'll be a Monkey's Uncle

WMMOWS -Wash My Mouth Out with Soap

WT F-What the F*?

WTG -Way To Go

WTH -What the Heck

WYLABOCTGWTR -Would You Like a Bowl of Cream to go with That Remark?

WYLASOMWTC -Would You Like a Saucer of Milk with that Comment?

WYSIAWYG -What You See is Almost What You Get

WYSIWYG -What You See Is What You Get

WYSINWNWYG -What You See Is No Where Near What You Get

WYSINWYG -What You See Is NOT What You Get

WYPIWYG -What You Printed Is What You've Got

WYTYSYDG -What You Thought You Saw, You Didn't Get

YAOTM -Yet Another Off-Topic Message

YHGASPL -You Have Got A Serious Problem, Lad!

YSWUS -Yea, Sure Whatever You Say!

YMMV -Your Mileage may vary

YSS -You Suck Severely

YWSYLS - You win some, you lose some

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(**2) added by kiklop


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