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What focalLength Minolta 100-300mm change aperture neilt3, 16 minutes ago at 21:21View Post Lens Talk
Week 50 Sign Up thread mariuszlo, 23 minutes ago at 21:14View Post Dyxum Challenges
Backlit and Silhouettes (4) onsplekkie, 1 hour 49 minutes ago at 19:48View Post Themed Views
Dyxum Exhibition #652 Micholand, 2 hours 41 minutes ago at 18:56View Post Dyxum Galleries
Minolta Scanner Repair Service In Germany rmd, 4 hours 5 minutes ago at 17:32View Post Film cameras
Yucca Fran, 6 hours 34 minutes ago at 15:03View Post Open Views
The perfect square Matt, 6 hours 58 minutes ago at 14:39View Post Themed Views
Pure Portraits (28) svjetlana, 8 hours 21 minutes ago at 13:16View Post Themed Views
Cities: Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina svjetlana, 8 hours 24 minutes ago at 13:13View Post Themed Views
Birds (87) mambo, 8 hours 30 minutes ago at 13:07View Post Themed Views
[AUS] A99 with battery grip Jozioau, 9 hours 23 minutes ago at 12:14View Post External Sales & Discussion
PSA: A7 with 28-70 for £599 5thElefant, 10 hours 11 minutes ago at 11:26View Post External Sales & Discussion
At the beach (3) pegelli, 11 hours 37 minutes ago at 10:00View Post Themed Views
Random shots (64) pegelli, 11 hours 51 minutes ago at 09:46View Post Themed Views
Patterns in Monochrome waldo_posth, 11 hours 60 minutes ago at 09:37View Post Open Views
Cities: Jaywick, United Kingdom alanfrombangor, 12 hours 7 minutes ago at 09:30View Post Themed Views
The beauty of Jaywick alanfrombangor, 12 hours 23 minutes ago at 09:14View Post Open Views
My new 200-600mm lens rovhazman, 12 hours 29 minutes ago at 09:08View Post Open Views
Birds In Flight trainerKEN, 12 hours 58 minutes ago at 08:39View Post Themed Views
Tower Point at sunset clk230, 14 hours 51 minutes ago at 06:46View Post Open Views
2019 Dyxum Postcard exchange, - Let's GO !! clk230, 15 hours 23 minutes ago at 06:14View Post Open Talk
Rotterdam in the evening MichelvA, 15 hours 24 minutes ago at 06:13View Post Open Views
A Masked Lapwing Water Ballet MichelvA, 15 hours 33 minutes ago at 06:04View Post Open Views
Dogs (11) WestCoastCannuck, 17 hours 44 minutes ago at 03:53View Post Themed Views
Railway pictures (10) Hezu, 21 hours 44 minutes ago at 23:53View Post Themed Views
Cityscapes (2) Hezu, 22 hours 1 minutes ago at 23:36View Post Themed Views
Cities: Walcheren, Netherlands angora, 22 hours 38 minutes ago at 22:59View Post Themed Views
Wildlife & Mammals (9) pbcbob, 23 hours 28 minutes ago at 22:09View Post Themed Views
SAL2470Z Parts sturatcliffe, Yesterday at 20:30View Post External Sales & Discussion
Rear LCD screen protector for a6600? balacau, Yesterday at 19:24View Post E-mount APS-C
Training and practising for week 50 :-) pegelli, Yesterday at 15:13View Post Dyxum Challenges
wedding photographers (and everyone else)- a plea peterlindner, Yesterday at 13:54View Post Photography as a Business
Flowers (37) pegelli, Yesterday at 12:04View Post Themed Views
W is for... pegelli, Yesterday at 10:08View Post Themed Views
NP-FW50 alternative battery brands lilyc, Yesterday at 09:44View Post E-mount full frame
Lake District Vac - Day 5B owenn01, Yesterday at 09:11View Post Open Views
MD-90 NC-90M batter pack addy landzaat, Yesterday at 06:46View Post Film cameras
Sony FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS trainerKEN, Yesterday at 06:02View Post Sample images
Minolta RD-175 and Software News Lennylen, Yesterday at 05:48View Post A-mount APS-C
Fungi (4) Howard_S, Yesterday at 00:23View Post Themed Views
Duotone and Split Tone Howard_S, Yesterday at 00:20View Post Themed Views
Landscapes and Seascapes (20) Howard_S, Yesterday at 00:17View Post Themed Views
Sony 135 STF, Tamron 90 macro rsjaffe, 04 December 2019 at 23:21View Post Dyxum exclusive sales
Reflections (7) svjetlana, 04 December 2019 at 20:43View Post Themed Views
One of Us #65 - Atom Ant svjetlana, 04 December 2019 at 20:27View Post One of Us
What music are you listening to at the moment? skm.sa100, 04 December 2019 at 20:17View Post Open Talk
NSW "sunset" SnowFella, 04 December 2019 at 20:11View Post Open Views
Graveyards (2) pegelli, 04 December 2019 at 20:04View Post Themed Views
Bridges (4) Fred_S, 04 December 2019 at 19:23View Post Themed Views
Another weekend walk Fred_S, 04 December 2019 at 19:19View Post Open Views
The Grayscale (20) onsplekkie, 04 December 2019 at 17:58View Post Themed Views
Street Photography -- the genre (12) onsplekkie, 04 December 2019 at 17:55View Post Themed Views
Doors, Windows and Gates etc. (4) svjetlana, 04 December 2019 at 14:22View Post Themed Views
Night Shots (5) svjetlana, 04 December 2019 at 14:18View Post Themed Views
Show us your Roads Dena, 04 December 2019 at 07:17View Post Themed Views
Dyxum Exhibition #651 francis, 03 December 2019 at 19:16View Post Dyxum Galleries
A57 + Lenses bieomax, 03 December 2019 at 18:32View Post External Sales & Discussion
Oktoberfest 2019 Voting Thread Bob J, 03 December 2019 at 16:27View Post Dyxum Challenges
Cleaning an SLT mirror icameisaw, 03 December 2019 at 15:35View Post A-mount APS-C
UV Induced Visible Fluorescence (2) Akunde, 03 December 2019 at 09:45View Post Themed Views
Attention Concert photographers! (3) Winwalloe, 03 December 2019 at 09:28View Post Themed Views
A Minimal Walk in the Park SnowFella, 03 December 2019 at 06:14View Post Open Views
Show us letterboxes... Fred_S, 02 December 2019 at 21:22View Post Themed Views
Kingfisher again! nandbytes, 02 December 2019 at 21:14View Post Open Views
Bring out your benches (4) Fred_S, 02 December 2019 at 20:48View Post Themed Views
Another year with Meyer (2019) Fred_S, 02 December 2019 at 20:10View Post Themed Views
Bugs and Spiders (16) tpetpe, 02 December 2019 at 20:07View Post Themed Views
(Voting) DPC #278 "Square Crop" Micholand, 02 December 2019 at 17:43View Post Dyxum Contests
(Entries) DPC #279 "Infrared" Micholand, 02 December 2019 at 17:40View Post Dyxum Contests
Random shots (63) Micholand, 02 December 2019 at 17:26View Post Themed Views
Is the A-mount finally dead? macronut, 02 December 2019 at 14:08View Post Camera Talk
I moved to a Fuji system Miranda F, 02 December 2019 at 11:12View Post Other camera systems
K is for... clk230, 02 December 2019 at 09:20View Post Themed Views
Statues and Memorials (4) clk230, 02 December 2019 at 08:03View Post Themed Views
AF Micro Adjust Product Recommendations Sam M, 01 December 2019 at 21:17View Post Other photographic topics
Shooting Tethered with a900 Sam M, 01 December 2019 at 21:11View Post Digital Darkroom
Happy birthday vbpholaw ! happyjack, 01 December 2019 at 19:16View Post About Dyxum.com
Index: "Show us... cities of the world" waldo_posth, 01 December 2019 at 18:30View Post Themed Views
Parades and processions (1) addy landzaat, 01 December 2019 at 17:37View Post Themed Views
Themed Views index addy landzaat, 01 December 2019 at 17:29View Post Themed Views
Happy birthday mortenva ! Bob J, 01 December 2019 at 16:04View Post About Dyxum.com
Leaf peeping (2) Howard_S, 01 December 2019 at 10:28View Post Themed Views
Cities: Regensburg, Germany Cucoo, 01 December 2019 at 10:22View Post Themed Views
WTB: Minolta 55mm hood Bob J, 01 December 2019 at 10:12View Post Want to buy / trade
A7ii vs a6400 addy landzaat, 01 December 2019 at 09:53View Post E-mount APS-C
SAL2470Z Hood / Pouch / Box sturatcliffe, 30 November 2019 at 20:02View Post External Sales & Discussion
Give us a Sign (3) Cucoo, 30 November 2019 at 19:00View Post Themed Views
Dusk at the Danube waldo_posth, 30 November 2019 at 18:45View Post Open Views
Pinhole Photography (1) GlassEye, 30 November 2019 at 18:04View Post Themed Views
H is for... Cucoo, 30 November 2019 at 16:49View Post Themed Views
FS: Genuine Sony NP-FH50 battery and one generic jvandegr, 30 November 2019 at 15:45View Post Dyxum exclusive sales
R is for... pegelli, 30 November 2019 at 15:06View Post Themed Views
Sony CameraNu Black Friday deals Kilkry, 30 November 2019 at 14:33View Post External Sales & Discussion
Infrared Series Beginning Roger Rex, 30 November 2019 at 09:41View Post Open Views
Autumn Colours (6) Howard_S, 30 November 2019 at 00:18View Post Themed Views
Farm animals (1) Fred_S, 29 November 2019 at 21:31View Post Themed Views
Walk through Graft, De Rijp & Eilandspolder Fred_S, 29 November 2019 at 20:50View Post Open Views
Oxford Photowalk, a second take Cucoo, 29 November 2019 at 18:54View Post Open Views
The avantgarde at Frinton Cucoo, 29 November 2019 at 18:32View Post Open Views
Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 135mm F1.8 SAL-135F18CZ Aperture73, 29 November 2019 at 16:12View Post Sample images
Horses (2) pegelli, 29 November 2019 at 12:05View Post Themed Views
Amazon black Friday sony deals- one worth a look Tricky01, 29 November 2019 at 11:12View Post External Sales & Discussion
Trees (3) pegelli, 29 November 2019 at 10:46View Post Themed Views
Data time issue sybersitizen, 29 November 2019 at 05:25View Post E-mount full frame
Sunset over the Zeegerplas Dena, 29 November 2019 at 03:33View Post Open Views
Sunsets (12) Dena, 29 November 2019 at 03:29View Post Themed Views
Reptiles or Lizards (4) SnowFella, 29 November 2019 at 03:07View Post Themed Views
Candid Kids (7) LAbernethy, 28 November 2019 at 23:14View Post Themed Views
FS EU: A7 + Meike grip : now incl. photo's pegelli, 28 November 2019 at 20:50View Post Dyxum exclusive sales
Problems with unwanted alerts from a thread I'm no Howard_S, 28 November 2019 at 19:46View Post About Dyxum.com
How Important is Equipment? waldo_posth, 28 November 2019 at 18:36View Post Open Talk
Your opinion on the A6x00 bodies? balacau, 28 November 2019 at 17:11View Post E-mount APS-C
Dynax/Maxxum 7 with Sigma 24-105mm f4 DG HSM Lens? FraserG, 28 November 2019 at 09:15View Post Film cameras
A77ii or A7Rii vantagepoint, 27 November 2019 at 21:14View Post Camera Talk
Flash Sony hvl-f60 - Godox receiver X1r-s. javimoya, 27 November 2019 at 20:59View Post Lighting
Look at this great deal I got (Part Three) der dickgg, 27 November 2019 at 20:41View Post External Sales & Discussion
Lake District Vac. Day 5 MichelvA, 27 November 2019 at 19:25View Post Open Views
Winner DPC #277 "Made on film" svjetlana, 27 November 2019 at 19:01View Post Dyxum Photo Contest Winners
Next photo will have (12) Hezu, 27 November 2019 at 12:34View Post Themed Views
paris autumn trip (update2) Hezu, 27 November 2019 at 12:24View Post Open Views
LA-EAx shutter lag when stopped down QuietOC, 27 November 2019 at 11:45View Post Adapters and converters
Happy birthday romke ! rovhazman, 27 November 2019 at 09:05View Post About Dyxum.com
Minolta Dimage Multi-scan F-3000 dxqcanada, 27 November 2019 at 01:30View Post Digital Darkroom
a7rIV timer disables AF? nandbytes, 26 November 2019 at 23:14View Post E-mount full frame
Happy birthday dogears ! angora, 26 November 2019 at 23:09View Post About Dyxum.com
[UK/EU] Meyer-optik trioplan 100mm f2.8 nandbytes, 26 November 2019 at 23:07View Post Dyxum exclusive sales
Food shots (2) Fred_S, 26 November 2019 at 21:16View Post Themed Views
Happy birthday skm.sa100 ! MichelvA, 26 November 2019 at 20:23View Post About Dyxum.com
S is for... Fred_S, 26 November 2019 at 18:35View Post Themed Views
Vintage Cars (3) Fred_S, 26 November 2019 at 18:31View Post Themed Views
Bicycles (2) Fred_S, 26 November 2019 at 18:30View Post Themed Views
For Sale: UK - Min 50 1.7 sturatcliffe, 26 November 2019 at 14:39View Post Dyxum exclusive sales
Oxford Photowalk Phil Wood, 26 November 2019 at 11:23View Post Open Views
Garden shots - what did you see today? pegelli, 26 November 2019 at 08:44View Post Themed Views
[CAN] A900+grip, CZ 24-70 SSM I Sell or Trade Jlav, 26 November 2019 at 04:12View Post External Sales & Discussion
Samples: Meyer Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100mm F2.8 pegelli, 25 November 2019 at 21:10View Post Other mount lenses
Macros or semi macros (8) pegelli, 25 November 2019 at 21:03View Post Themed Views
Feedback on KnF Concept variable filter ND8-128 Fred_S, 25 November 2019 at 19:31View Post Other photographic topics
Bokeh, Bokeh, and more Bokeh (7) onsplekkie, 25 November 2019 at 18:05View Post Themed Views
L is for... Jadom, 25 November 2019 at 17:54View Post Themed Views
Dyxum Exhibition #650 C_N_RED_AGAIN, 25 November 2019 at 16:35View Post Dyxum Galleries
Sal2470 focus issue sturatcliffe, 25 November 2019 at 14:37View Post A-mount lenses
Happy birthday Pavel ! owenn01, 25 November 2019 at 11:19View Post About Dyxum.com
Minolta 80-200 HS micro AF adjust. pegelli, 24 November 2019 at 19:59View Post A-mount lenses
Samples: Konica Hexanon AR 40mm F1.8 pegelli, 24 November 2019 at 19:22View Post Other mount lenses
Your favourite beer/beverage! (1) Kilkry, 24 November 2019 at 18:30View Post Themed Views
Architecture photos (4) addy landzaat, 24 November 2019 at 16:15View Post Themed Views
Aircraft & Airports (20) addy landzaat, 24 November 2019 at 15:26View Post Themed Views
Castles / Old Buildings (2) Cucoo, 24 November 2019 at 13:49View Post Themed Views
Cities: Örebro, Sweden Nordlicht, 24 November 2019 at 11:45View Post Themed Views
Samyang 35mm F1.4 AF FE trainerKEN, 24 November 2019 at 05:52View Post Sample images
Yachts, boats and ships (9) Jozioau, 24 November 2019 at 02:29View Post Themed Views
A is for... Robbie, 23 November 2019 at 23:15View Post Themed Views
CZ 24-70/2.8 (SAL2470Z) CONUS/CAN WestCoastCannuck, 23 November 2019 at 21:40View Post Dyxum exclusive sales
Oktoberfest 2019: Talk Thread Fred_S, 23 November 2019 at 19:40View Post Dyxum Challenges
a900 to a99ii upgrade worth it? addy landzaat, 23 November 2019 at 15:01View Post A-mount full frame
M is for... tehhanlin, 23 November 2019 at 14:09View Post Themed Views
Bat Mitzvah pegelli, 23 November 2019 at 09:51View Post Open Views
Zoo shots (4) Basil, 23 November 2019 at 03:51View Post Themed Views
Railway stations (1) pegelli, 22 November 2019 at 20:56View Post Themed Views
Happy birthday Svjetlana ! Bob J, 22 November 2019 at 20:31View Post About Dyxum.com
Filter sizes? Bob T, 22 November 2019 at 20:13View Post Other photographic topics
Museums (1) SnowFella, 22 November 2019 at 10:54View Post Themed Views
Boston abstract waldo_posth, 21 November 2019 at 23:11View Post Open Views
Cities: Madrid, Spain pegelli, 21 November 2019 at 21:04View Post Themed Views
Self Portrait Thursday (12) clk230, 21 November 2019 at 09:26View Post Themed Views
Shot in the Fog (1) Fred_S, 20 November 2019 at 20:29View Post Themed Views
Sigma 35mm on a99 - focus mechanism confusion Maxxuman, 20 November 2019 at 17:04View Post A-mount full frame
Focal length info for not chipped lenses QuietOC, 20 November 2019 at 11:36View Post Digital Darkroom
a99 batteries addy landzaat, 20 November 2019 at 06:56View Post A-mount full frame
Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 MichelvA, 20 November 2019 at 05:38View Post Open Views
Show your War Cemeteries Phil Wood, 20 November 2019 at 00:04View Post Themed Views
People (3) LAbernethy, 19 November 2019 at 20:27View Post Themed Views
Lighthouses (2) waldo_posth, 19 November 2019 at 12:10View Post Themed Views
Oxford Light Festival 2019 MichelvA, 19 November 2019 at 05:43View Post Open Views
Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM Unboxing and First Impressions Fran, 19 November 2019 at 02:08View Post E-mount lenses
The Return of the Bald Eagle Part II mambo, 18 November 2019 at 19:46View Post Open Views
Samples: Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 50mm F1.4 Fred_S, 18 November 2019 at 19:17View Post Other mount lenses
Market Garden 1944 - 2019 addy landzaat, 18 November 2019 at 18:30View Post Open Views
Looks like a painting (3) Dena, 18 November 2019 at 18:23View Post Themed Views
Adorama and Rokinon 45mm 1.8 2manycamera, 18 November 2019 at 15:26View Post E-mount lenses
Need help - disassembly Minolta 85mm D paso144, 18 November 2019 at 14:46View Post A-mount lenses
a68 "Multi Interface Shoe" LAbernethy, 18 November 2019 at 14:29View Post A-mount APS-C
Dyxum Exhibition #649 Almazar80, 18 November 2019 at 13:06View Post Dyxum Galleries
Waterfall pics (3) Macca, 17 November 2019 at 22:31View Post Themed Views
Tennis: ATP finals in the O2 arena pegelli, 17 November 2019 at 21:17View Post Open Views
Shoot in a Tannery Kilkry, 17 November 2019 at 19:46View Post Open Views
P is for... addy landzaat, 17 November 2019 at 18:51View Post Themed Views
T is for... Fred_S, 17 November 2019 at 18:11View Post Themed Views
For sale SAL70200 G SSM** price drop** gunsnblues, 17 November 2019 at 17:56View Post Dyxum exclusive sales
Forms of metal (1) Cucoo, 17 November 2019 at 14:48View Post Themed Views
Photo Gear Porn - Let's See Your Gear (3) Wilu, 17 November 2019 at 09:09View Post Themed Views
Sunday stroll with a mirror pegelli, 17 November 2019 at 08:43View Post Open Views
Azure Kingfisher...again. Jozioau, 17 November 2019 at 07:04View Post Open Views
Lake District Vac. Day 4 Fred_S, 16 November 2019 at 22:41View Post Open Views
Water Droplets (1) Fred_S, 16 November 2019 at 22:05View Post Themed Views
Argentinian city insects (on campus in Cordoba) tpetpe, 16 November 2019 at 21:21View Post Open Views
(Voting) DPC #277 "Made on film" pdeley, 16 November 2019 at 18:28View Post Dyxum Contests
Sigma parts - 12-24mm (screw drive version) Phil Wood, 16 November 2019 at 18:11View Post A-mount lenses
Graffiti (2) onsplekkie, 16 November 2019 at 17:51View Post Themed Views

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