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Farewell to Cameron Hill - brettania

07 December 2015 - Posted by AMAE Team, in Admin
Cameron Hill - brettania
With deepest regret and broken hearts the AMAE team has to share this really sad information: Cameron Hill – brettania, has passed away last weekend.

As you all know, Cam was one of the persons who established Dyxum - we would dare to say that he was Dyxum - his wisdom, authority, friendship and sense for others helped to create the spirit we have on our forum. His words were the ultimate guide for the whole AMAE team and something that will live with each of us.

If you would like to share share your feelings please follow to Cam's farewell thread ...

mikey2000 joins AMAE team

01 February 2014 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin
Admin Note
We are pleased to announce that mikey2000 has agreed to join the Dyxum AMAE (Admins, Moderators and Alpha Eyes) team as one of our team of photographic coaches. More info in this thread ...

Mr Egg Missing!

22 October 2013 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin
Mr Egg Lost

It seems that the Eggciting Journey Around The World ended unexpectedly - we lost track of Mr Egg and his sibling ...

But there is still some hope that being tired with the journey they both just made a short break to charge their batteries and return on track with usual vigour and energy.

Anyway, if anybody have seen them or knows where they are - please leave a message in this thread.

UK Photogs - you still can stop legalized theft

07 May 2013 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin

"A new legislation that has been rushed through parliament with no thought has now reached royal assent. This legislation means that photographers and illustrators alike will see their artworks legally taken and used for another's own gain.

Unless your works are registered or plastered with a watermark, anyone can use your copyrighted work for their own commercial and personal gains provided they have made a small effort to search for the original owner. If no owner can be found, they are free to do with it whatever they want."

Threating? Yes, it is! And despite that this only concerns UK law it might affect all of us - all around the world. So, if you are UK-based photographer please do not hesitate to sign the petition to nip this broken idea in the bud. You can find relevant Dyxum thread in here (some previous info is in here). 


Spreading "the word" among fellow photogs is not a bad idea either ...

Dyxum Rules And Guidelines Updated

30 October 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin

Just to let you know: the Dyxum Rules And Guidelines have just been updated slightly - to better express our concern with copyright issues (not that we have too much problems with that). Anyway we believe that this is the right time for all of us to jump right to the 

==> Rules And Guidelines <==

in order to refresh our knowledge :-)

Two new faces in AE team

26 September 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin

Our AMAE team (Admins, Mods, AlphaEyes) has been extended with two new AlphaEyes: MichelvA and happyjack.

Please check this introductory post for all details.

New Patches for DPC Winners

10 September 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin

Some of you probably remember the story behind our Dyxum Golden Patch which is awarded to each Dyxum Photo Contest winner: to keep the long story short let's only mention that the idea came from Confusedapollo who decided to donate his free time and his skills to produce Golden Patches for us. 

Unfortunately a few DPCs back we run out of patches ...

But no worries - they are back although in slightly different form (thanks to Octupi who had a nice idea how to join Minolta's "blue dot" with the previous design).

We hope that you'll like this new incarnation of the award (let's call it "Golden Patch MKII" ;-))

Dyxum Postcard Exchange 2012

15 June 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin

Do you like getting postcards? Some people even like collecting them. Quite a pleasure to get some views from around whole world - directly in your inbox, directly from your friends. So, if you like look around no more since we have just started Dxyum Postcard Exchange 2012! Please see the DPE 2012 registration thread for all details (and to learn what the DPE is about). 

And if you wonder how the previous editions looked like then jump right to DPE 2009DPE 2010,  and  DPE 2011.

rovhazman joins AE group

06 June 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin

Our AMAE team has just been enforced with a new Alpha Eye: Shay Tal, aka rovhazman. 

You are welcome to join us on the announcement thread.

And if you would like to learn a bit about our Admins Mods 'n Alpha Eyes team then please jump right to this post.

You can also help with Weekly Exhibitions

04 May 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Admin

One of the most troublesome parts of preparation of Dyxum Weekly Exhibitions is, as we call it, "harvesting of photos" - just a nice term to describe the process of getting candidates for the Exhib, which then get scrutinized to obtain about 20 "best of the best" shots which are published every week on Friday. The whole process is described in here

Now, we believe that it would be great to get some help from the whole Dyxum community. Nothing tedious. Nothing problematic. Please just take a look at  this thread where we described whole concept.

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