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Sign up for July Gathering Dust Challenge!

29 June 2017 - Posted by Micholand, in Challenges
July Gathering Dust Challenge

July is almost here, so it's time to dust of your gear and put some of the forgotten gems and/or old lemons in your collection into use again.

All details on this challenge you will find in this thread summarizing the rules of the "Dyxum July Gathering Dust Challenge".

Dyxum Oktoberfest 2016 Exhibition

05 December 2016 - Posted by Micholand, in Challenges
Random Dyxum Oktoberfest Photo

As you probably are aware, Dyxum Oktoberfest is a one-month challenge where participants restrict themselves to shooting with one prime lens only. Various additional restrictions are possible like pic-a-day (one has to shoot everyday), only B&W, no PP, etc. Generally you challenge yourself in a way that you see the most appropriate to you.
At the end of the challenge it turns out that there are really a lot of nice photos which Dyxum can (and should) boastfully show to the World - hence the idea of selecting the best photos from each participant and put them together as

Dyxum Oktoberfest 2016 Exhibition

Please do not hesitate to take a look - it is really worth spending those few minutes to check this outstanding collection. To whet your appetite - above you can see one of the exhibits selected at random from the series of great shots: day 1 photo by Snegren.

Hot news: Week 50 2016 is approaching!

30 November 2016 - Posted by Micholand, in Challenges
Photo by darosa
50's Prime Time

Winter is here for many of us, but it's time to get your gear out of storage... or at least some of it - week 50 is approaching!

Sign up for Dyxum week 50 2016, Monday December 12 - Sunday December 18. Now!

Vote now for Cam memorial Oktoberfest 2016

15 November 2016 - Posted by Micholand, in Challenges
Photo by Micholand
Did you already have a look at the "Cam Memorial" Oktoberfest 2016 Thumbnails thread??

Aren't there so many amazing photos and the best ones deserve to be grouped in a special gallery?

The idea is quite simple: we want you to select the two best shots from each participant, who successfully finished this one month-long challenge, to then be able to put together a gallery of this "best of" collection.

Voting process has just been started, so please feel free to jump to "Cam Memorial" Oktoberfest 2016 Voting Thread, check all the rules and cast your vote.

BTW, everyone is welcome to vote! Even if you didn't take part in the challenge. The more voters the better :-)

77 on October 19, 2016

16 October 2016 - Posted by Micholand, in Challenges

77 on October 19, 2016

This year we would like to do something special to remember our friend Cameron Hill (brettania) who passed away last December and who enjoyed special photo challenges tremendously.
He would have turned 77 on October 19th. So for that day every Dyxum member is requested to go out and take a picture with a theme of 7 (or 77, or 7777777), and we hope a lot of members will join with a picture for that day!

click me

Sign up for Cam memorial Oktoberfest 2016

27 September 2016 - Posted by Micholand, in Challenges
Photo by Micholand
Oktoberfest 2016 is almost here!

October is almost here!
Oktoberfest is almost here!


SIGN UP HERE for "Cam Memorial" Oktoberfest 2016. Now!

2016 Dyxum Postcards Exchange

31 August 2016 - Posted by MiPr, in Challenges
2016 Dyxum Postcards Exchange

As usual each year we are happy to announce Dyxum Postcards Exchange event!

Be brave and take the challenge; pick your favorite images, prepare them as a postcard and send them to other Dyxum Postcard Exchange participants.

In return you get original postcards in your mailbox too.

Read all the rules and sign up in the following thread:

2016 Postcard Exchange

The First Annual Dyxum Colour Festival!

01 July 2016 - Posted by MiPr, in Challenges

We hope that you have not missed the invitation to a new challenge designed to get us thinking about how we use colour in photography.

Well - if you missed it then it is really the last moment to join and challenge yourself :)

All details you will find in this thread summarizing the rules of The First Annual Dyxum COLOUR Festival!

April is coming... Signup for April Foolishness!

20 March 2016 - Posted by Micholand, in Challenges

Will you try something new this April? Or foolishly, will you stick to something tried and tested? Please join us in the traditional one month-long funny challenge during this time of the year! All you have to do is to pick one prime (or two... or end of zoom...) and post a picture everyday (or 7 a week... or 5 a week... or 3 a week...) during April. Simple, isn't it? Fun, sure it is!

Sign up for April Foolishness 2016. Now!

The best of Week 50 2015!

28 December 2015 - Posted by Micholand, in Challenges
Back to 50s by pegelli Photo by pegelli
The best of Week 50 2015!

After counting all votes, we are pleased to announce "Dyxum 50's Prime Time 2015 Exhibition".
Many excellent photos appeared during this one week-long challenge, the best of which are grouped in this great collection of week 50, 2015.

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