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April Foolishness Started

03 April 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Challenges

Just a small reminder that April Foolishness was started last Sunday.

You still has a chance to join us on this challenge - just jump in and enjoy!


And even if you decided to not challenge yourself this time you are always welcome to visit the challenge "day threads", look what others managed to squeeze out of their primes, and drop a comment or two in the talk thread. I'm sure your comments and suggestions will be the most welcome and appreciated.

April Foolishness! Yay!

16 March 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Challenges

Spring is coming. The nature is slowly awaking after that awfully stagnant period (at least in the up-over part of The Ball, not the down-under ;-)). Photographers are also awaking from their winter sleep. Yepp, that's about time for APRIL FOOLISHNESS :-D

For anybody wondering WTH the April Foolishness is here's short explanation:

April Foolishness is a challenge. However the challenge is not from Dyxum to you. You challenge yourself! The objectives are:

    • (i) to get you out shooting more pictures
    • (ii) to develop your photographic skills 
    • (iii) to enjoy photography 
    • (iv) to enjoy photography 
    • (v) did we mention "to enjoy photography"?
More detailed set of rules is:

    1. Shoot for the whole month with one, prime lens (if you do not have a prime – fixed focal length - you want to use you can shoot using a zoom, fixed to one focal length… you cannot change the focal length). Any ONE lens is okay, but you should decide in advance.
    2. Yepp, the above means taking photographs every day with single lens (that's why we call it Foolishness) and post one picture for each day. So the drill is pic-a-day but 7/week or 3/week is okay too if you are too busy to keep shooting daily.
    3. Use only Sony or Minolta A-mount cameras (but other old Minolta mount SLRs/DSLRs of historical interest are allowed because we love that kind of foolishness). OK, NEX is allowed too. Oh, well ...
    4. Because the point is to shoot only one point of view, only minimal cropping is allowed to straighten, etc. However, you may crop ONE SIDE in order to present a picture in a square or other format planned when you took the shot (the point is that you compose in the viewfinder/LV and not on the computer).
    5. You may add some other "bolts" like "all photos in B&W" or "straight from the camera" or "all photos taken standing on one leg with my tongue out" or ... A perfect challenge should be difficult for you but not impossible.
    6. If you cannot post frequently due to problems with internet access that is okay. You can still join and catch up with posts when you can. If you do not have time to process your photos fully, don’t worry – post them with minimal processing. This is not a beauty contest :-D
So do not hesitate and jump in and get your share of April Foolishness - you can subscribe in here.
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