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Winner Of DPC #143 Announced

13 February 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Contests

The winner of the Dyxum Photo Contest #143 "Shot From The Hip" has just been announced.

Please join us in this DPC Winner's Thread to congratulate the winner and those who got the Honorauble Mention awards.


Please remember also that we still have some more DPCs which you can join (and win ...)

Winning photo:

"It's my party" by ricardovaste

DPC #147 "Metal Birds" Announced

10 February 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Contests

New Dyxum Photo Contest (#147, "Metal Birds") has just been published.

Please see The Candidates Thread to get familiar with the rules and/or add your entries

Please see The Dyxum Photo Contest Index to check the list of all DPCs that we had so far.

Dyxum Photo Contest Index

03 February 2012 - Posted by MiPr, in Contests

"I've been here 5 1/2 years and that's the first time I've noticed that ..."

Yes, it really takes time to find out all goodies about Dyxum, like Dyxum Photo Contest index page which shows all past, present, and even future DPCs!

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