Dyxum gone HTTPS

15 February 2019 - by MiPr
Admin Note
As you may have noticed Dyxum switched to HTTPS which should improve security of the forum (e.g. see this discussion thread). This change is not as straightforward as we would wish to be - some problems may appear.

If you notice anything unusual, like one of Dyxum web pages not being served at all or not being served over HTTPS or anything out of norm then please let us know by dropping a PM to one of AMAEs or by sending an e-mail to admins (link at the bottom of Dyxum pages) or by replying in the above linked thread.

With regards to the above - there is one thing which we cannot easily fix - so-called "mixed content" warning. The symptom is that Dyxum web page is marked as insecure (e.g. exclamation mark over padlock on address bar in the browser) and checking details shows a warning along the lines of "this web page is not secure because some elements were not sent over secure channel". This is usually caused by hot-linked images, e.g. images posted by Dyxumers (we are photography forum, aren't we? ;)) - if they are hot-linked using HTTP URL then the above warning appears.

As I wrote - there is no easy fix for this: either we would need to go throuh all posts in the Dyxum database and replce all occurrences of "http://" with "https://" risking that we will break some posts (either because we will literally break it or because the picture itself cannot be served over HTTPS; doing such action on the backed would be quite enormous task in itself) or ... live with that. For now we tend to stay with the second option ;)

So, enjoy new (more secure) Dyxum and - please remember to report any problems to AMAEs.