Dyxum Team Changes

26 January 2018 - by MiPr
Admin Note
Nothing is timeless and finally the time came to do some changes to our excellent Dyxum AMAE (Admins, Moderators and Alpha Eyes) team to give it some new momentum and do its job even better than before.

A few persons decided to retire after serving our community for several years - they did really outstanding job so please join us in the discussion thread to thank wross, Frankman, jamesmd and Serdar.

At the same time we are pleased to say that, in appreciation of what they are doing and to better reflect their contribution/role, we promoted some AMAEs to different positions: Micholand became Administrator whereas darosa and mikey2000 became moderators.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Jozioau and waldo_posth accepted our proposition to join AMAE ranks in the Alpha Eyes role (probably they missed the catch - now they will have to do on Dyxum twice as much as they used to do ;-)).

So, again, please join us in the aforementioned discussion thread to leave some appreciation/supportive comments :)