New Article Published: Image Editing For Beginners

09 January 2014 - by MiPr
Image Editing For Beginners

New article written by our colleague romke has just been published:

Image Editing For Beginners

To be honest I'm really blown out by romke's work: not only because I'm well aware how much effort is required to put together an article like that but also by how thorough and extensive the article is. Please do not get "fooled" by the title - the article is in my opinion way beyond what a "noob" needs to know to start his journey in the post processing world and I'm sure that many seasoned "photoshoppers" will find something new and interesting in there.

At the same time - please do not get scared by the size of the text :) The article is written in a way that will guide you through all steps of PP work.

So, just make yourself a cup of coffee (or two ;)), sit back, relax, jump to the article and read, read, read ... And if you feel like having some doubts, or questions, or suggestion - please feel free to post in the above linked "article" thread - I'm sure there will be a lot of Dyxumers offering help.

And if you would like to just say "thanks" to romke for his excellent work - do not hesitate to post in the same thread too :)