Meike Neewer 35mm F1.2

mount: E-mount
prod. code: data needed
EAN/UPC: data needed
makernote ID: data needed
format: APS-C
release year: 2018
status: Current
AF Drive: Manual focus only
stabilisation: No
weather sealing: No
max. aperture: 1.2
min. aperture: 16
focal range(mm): 35
elements/group: 7/5
angle of view: 44°
aperture blades: 8
min. focus distance(mm): 250
filter rotate focusing: Yes
max. magnification: data needed
filter diameter(mm): 49
color: black
length(mm): 41
weight(g): 195
standard accessories: Front and rear lens caps and caden lens pouch bag.
features: Fully manual lens, no electrical contacts, unclicked aperture

user review ratings
overall: 4.20
sharpness: 4.00
color: 5.00
build: 4.00
distortion: 5.00
flare control: 3.00
total: 1 reviews

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manufacturer description

This is a MANUAL prime lens, which means it will NOT perform AUTO FOCUS. There is an option in custom setting on the camera called “release without lens”, which must be set to “on” in order for the camera to take pictures with manual lenses. Since manual lenses don’t have the electronic sensors, the camera does not know that there is a lens attached to it, so you must tell the camera to shoot w/o lens. Lastly, when using manual lenses, you should always set the camera to A (aperture mode). You set the aperture and let the camera determine the speed. If you use P mode, the camera will not be able to correctly adjust the exposure. - Home of the alpha system photographer
In memory of Cameron Hill - brettania