Sigma 30mm F1.4 EX DC

mount: A-mount
prod. code: 300-205
EAN/UPC: 0085126300340
makernote ID: 25
format: APS-C
release year: 2005
status: Discontinued
D type lens: Yes
SLT compatible: Read this!
AF Drive: In Body
focus design:
stabilisation: No
weather sealing: No
AF-D (a99 only): No
max. aperture: 1.4
min. aperture: 16
focal range(mm): 30
elements/group: 7/7
angle of view: 50
aperture blades: 8
min. focus distance(mm): 400
filter rotate focusing: No
max. magnification: 0.096x (1/10.4)
filter diameter(mm): 62
hood: Flower shaped
color: Black
length(mm): 59
weight(g): 430
standard accessories: Hood

user review ratings
overall: 4.58
sharpness: 4.61
color: 4.68
build: 4.52
distortion: 4.56
flare control: 4.52
total: 50 reviews

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manufacturer description

This is a fast F1.4 aperture standard lens for digital cameras. SLD (Special Low Dispersion and ELD (Extraordinary Low Dispersion) glass elements are used to obtain the best possible correction for magnification and chromatic aberrations, which are particular problems for digital cameras.

From 40cm (15.7”) minimum focusing distance to infinity, this lens creates very sharp images with high contrast. The HSM models provide quiet, high-speed auto-focus shooting, as well as full-time manual focus override. Large maximum aperture of F1.4 can perform superbly in a great range of applications, including snapshots, portraiture, indoor shooting and landscape photography.

Large Maximum Aperture of F1.4
This lens is perfectly suited for a wide range of subjects, portraits, indoor shootings etc. It is fast aperture makes this lens desirable for use with Digital SLR cameras. The shallow depth of field produces an outstanding image, sharply outlined from the blurred background.

SLD and Aspherical lenses
Two SLD glass elements are especially effective in the compensation of magnification chromatic aberration. A molded glass aspherical lens at the rear lens group reduces colour aberration and provides high-quality image results.

HSM Auto Focusing
The HSM design provides quiet high-speed auto-focus with full-time manual focus override.

Minimum Focusing Distance and Fast Aperture
The lens creates exceptionally sharp images of high contrast from its minimum focusing distance of 40cm to infinity. The large maximum aperture of F1.4 produces a versatile lens that performs superbly in a great range of applications including portraiture, indoor and studio work and landscape photography. - Home of the alpha system photographer
In memory of Cameron Hill - brettania