Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 AT-X 116 PRO DX-II

mount: A-mount
prod. code: ATXAF116DXIIS
EAN/UPC: data needed
makernote ID: data needed
format: APS-C
release year: 2013
status: Current
D type lens: No
SLT compatible: Yes
AF Drive: In Body
focus design: internal
stabilisation: No
weather sealing: No
AF-D (a99 only): No
max. aperture: 2.8
min. aperture: 22
focal range(mm): 11-16
elements/group: 13/11
angle of view: 104°-82°
aperture blades: 9
min. focus distance(mm): 300
filter rotate focusing: No
filter rotate zooming: No
max. magnification: 0.086x (1/11.6)
filter diameter(mm): 77
hood: Flower (BH77B)
color: black
length(mm): 89,2
weight(g): 550
standard accessories: Front and rear caps

dyxum note
A-mount version brings improved coatings compared to older ATX116PRODXS lens; optical design and mechanical characteristic are the same between the two versions.
user review ratings
overall: 4.23
sharpness: 4.25
color: 4.75
build: 4.63
distortion: 4.00
flare control: 3.50
total: 8 reviews

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Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 AT-X 116 PRO DX-II image 1

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manufacturer description

The New Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX-II is an update to the widely popular and award winning AT-X 116 PRO DX, 11-16 F/2.8 lens.

The main update to this lens is in the Nikon mount, the AT-X 116 PRO DX-II has an internal silent focusing motor to allow the lens to AF on Nikon bodies that do not have an AF drive gear and motor.

There have also been some adjustments made to the coating for slightly improved optical performance.

This compact ultra wide-angle zoom has a bright constant F/2.8 aperture make viewing and auto focus possible in lower light situations but still maintaining a reasonable size and weight.

Two Super-Low Dispersion glass elements and two aspheric glass allow the proprietary optical design to achieve excellent contrast and sharpness as well as controlling chromatic aberration.

Tokina’s exclusive One-touch Focus Clutch Mechanism allows the photographer to switch between AF and MF simply by snapping the focus ring forward for AF and back toward the lens mount for manual focusing. The lens is also designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use by photographers in a wide variety of shooting conditions and environments. - Home of the alpha system photographer
In memory of Cameron Hill - brettania