Zeiss 135mm F2.8 Batis

mount: E-mount
prod. code: 2136-695
EAN/UPC: data needed
makernote ID: data needed
format: Full frame
release year: 2017
status: Current
AF Drive: In Lens (SSM)
focus design: internal
stabilisation: Yes
weather sealing: Yes
max. aperture: 2.8
min. aperture: 22
focal range(mm): 135
elements/group: 14/11
angle of view: 18°
aperture blades: 9
min. focus distance(mm): 870
filter rotate focusing: No
max. magnification: 0.1887x (1/5.3)
filter diameter(mm): 67
hood: round
color: black
length(mm): 120
weight(g): 614
standard accessories: Front and rear lens caps, hood
features: OLED display for focus distance and depth of field info;
Focusing not mechanically coupled

user review ratings
overall: 4.95
sharpness: 5.00
color: 5.00
build: 4.75
distortion: 5.00
flare control: 5.00
total: 4 reviews

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manufacturer description

The medium telephoto lens for a new era.

Long focal length, fast autofocus, optical image stabilization. Thanks to the outstanding correction of all chromatic aberrations, the ZEISS Batis 2.8/135 is a high-performance telephoto lens with an Apo Sonnar design. The lens is the optimum solution for medium-distance portrait photography.

The advanced correction of the Apo Sonnar lens design ensures extremely realistic portrayal of your subject. To avoid shaking, an optical image stabilizer has also been integrated in the design. The fast and precise autofocus is your guarantee of sharply defined images - even in difficult light. The shallow depth of field at maximum aperture allows the creative combination of focus and blur, allowing you to direct the viewer's attention to the main subject of your photo.
The ZEISS Batis autofocus lenses were specially developed for mirrorless, full-frame system cameras from Sony. The lenses are fully compatible with all E-mount cameras and offer protection against dust and weather in addition to fast and quiet autofocus. For creative photography, the innovative OLED display shows the distance and depth of field to ensure that the focusing range can always be perfectly set. The result: images that will amaze you. The completely new design of the high-speed ZEISS Batis family offers perfect image quality.

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