Meike MK 50mm F2.0 E-mount lens reviews

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reviewer#36832 date: Apr-13-2017
sharpness: 4
color: 5
build: 4
distortion: 3
flare control: 4
overall: 4
tested on:
  • film camera:Film camera
  • APS-C: 6MP6 MP; 10MP10 MP; 12MP12 MP; 14MP14 MP; 16MP16 MP; 20MP20 MP; 24MP24 MP
  • full frame: 12MP12 MP; 24MP24 MP; 36MP36 MP; 42MP42 MP
ownership:I own this lens
compared to:Rokinon AF 45 F1.8
Tamron 45 F1.8 USD
Minolta MD 45 F2
Minolta MD 50 F2
Minolta AF 50 F1.7 & RS
Sony FE 50 F1.8
Canon EF 50 F1.8 STM
Vivitar 50 F1.8
Sony E 50 F1.8 OSS
Sony DT 50 F1.8 SAM
Fotasy 50 F1.8 APS-C
Minolta MD & AF & Sony 50 F1.4
Canon EF 50 F1.4 USM
Sigma 50 F1.4 EX DG HSM
Minolta SR 55 F2
Minolta MC 55 F1.7
Minolta MC 58 F1.4
price paid:32 USD (used)
positive:Very small
Very sharp in the center wide-open
Mostly covers full-frame
9 aperture blades
49mm filter size
negative:Exposes like T2.8 or slower
Curved focus plane
Moderate pincushion distortion
Heavy for size
comment:This is a small, all-aluminum, all-manual lens. It has been available for a few years as the Kaxinda 50mm F2.4. It was rebranded in 2016 under the Meike and Neewer brands as a 50mm F2.0 lens, but the depth-of-field scale on my early Neewer still had "2.4" indicated. I purchased the Neewer version from a large eBay seller and returned it to them. I later purchased a used Meike version from an individual eBay seller for $32. The depth-of-field scale on the Meike has "2.0" marked. A polished ring was also added to the front of the focus grip.

I later purchased a Vivitar branded version for $50 on Amazon that claimed to be a full-frame lens, but proved to use the same optics. The aperture ring on the Vivitar is in the normal Sony FE direction unlike the other versions. The depth-of-view scale on the Vivitar is marked "2.4" while the aperture scale is marked "2" and the lens is advertised as "F2.0". The controls have higher resistance. I returned this copy for false advertising.

This is a decent little, slow prime--consider it an F2.8 lens. It has lots of character. The Fotasy 50 F1.8 has much better image quality on APS-C. But this lens is very sharp wide-open in the center, and the corners do improve stopped down.

The main appeal is its size and retro appearance and operation. It may be better on a smaller than APS-C sensor though it actually does cover most of a full-frame sensor.
reviews found: 1   

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  • total reviews: 1
  • sharpness: 4.00
  • color: 5.00
  • build: 4.00
  • distortion: 3.00
  • flare control: 4.00
  • overall: 4.00

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