Minolta AF 28-100mm F3.5-5.6 D A-mount lens review by Happy Hour

reviewer#3368 date: Mar-17-2008
sharpness: 4
color: 4
build: 3
distortion: 4
flare control: 4
overall: 3.8
tested on:
  • film camera:Film camera
  • APS-C: 6MP6 MP; 10MP10 MP; 12MP12 MP; 14MP14 MP; 16MP16 MP; 20MP20 MP; 24MP24 MP
  • full frame: 12MP12 MP; 24MP24 MP; 36MP36 MP; 42MP42 MP; 61MP61 MP
ownership:I own this lens
compared to:
price paid:$30.00
good carry around lens
Sharp enough for a everyday lens
negative:Not much for a kit lens or how cheap you can buy them
comment:I can't believe how much this lens has been bashed here! I think it's a great lens for the price.I bought this lens to resell and ended up loving it. If I'm at home, this lens is on my camera!It couldn't be a better walk around lens. It's light weight,it takes sharp clean and clear pictures. Yes I would not take this lens to anything important(like a wedding) But I have some great shots from around the house with it and at the zoo also. I walked around with this lens on all day and didn't feel it on my neck. most of my lenses are very heavy and you know there there after a few minutes around your neck. Again if you don't have enough $ to buy a great lens this is a good starter lens and if it werent for it being silver (it looks a little goofy on a black body) I would never sell this lens. Not a bad lens to take to a kids outing (if it was smashed it wouldn't make a difference) It's cheap!

rating summary

lens image
  • total reviews: 21
  • sharpness: 3.60
  • color: 4.14
  • build: 2.86
  • distortion: 3.81
  • flare control: 3.48
  • overall: 3.58
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