Sigma 24mm Super Wide II F2.8 A-mount lens review by jon3453

reviewer#9288 date: Jul-31-2011
sharpness: 5
color: 5
build: 4
distortion: 4
flare control: 4
overall: 4.4
tested on:
  • film camera:Film camera
  • APS-C: 6MP6 MP; 10MP10 MP; 12MP12 MP; 14MP14 MP; 16MP16 MP; 20MP20 MP; 24MP24 MP
  • full frame: 12MP12 MP; 24MP24 MP; 36MP36 MP; 42MP42 MP; 61MP61 MP
ownership:I own this lens
compared to:18-70
35 F1.8
min28 F2.8
min35-105 old
min100 F2.8 macro
tokina 19-35
price paid:£75ish
positive:Very sharp
fantastic colour
all metal
close focus
3d ness
negative:Its a sigma so it will probable go wrong at some point
flares more than modern lenses
comment:Wanted a 24mm prime but mino24's are expensive here, so
took a risk with an old sigma,TBH wasn't expecting very much.Boy was I wrong! this lens is just fantastic.The sharpness and colour both stand out in nearly every picture.
Its perfect for landscape, close ups, street shooting.From 5ins to infinity. Usable wide open but by F4 is super sharp. Bokeh is nice for a wide angle. By F5.6 vitually everything is in focus so its great for street shots. Images have a real lucidity and 3d ness to them,To my eyes it blows away the well regarded sony 35 F1.8,it's sharper with far more natural colours.
I have now bought another,which is just as good.
so two for less than one min 24mm costs!
Both mine focus fairly quietly and quickly, and it is always
dead accurate.I always rated my min35-105 as my best buy,not any more, this even beats that for colour.
For the price, in my opinion there is no better bargain for A-mount primes

rating summary

lens image
  • total reviews: 73
  • sharpness: 4.51
  • color: 4.36
  • build: 4.29
  • distortion: 4.05
  • flare control: 3.70
  • overall: 4.18 - Home of the alpha system photographer
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