Sigma 70-210mm F2.8 APO A-mount lens review by beeton

reviewer#44464 date: Feb-5-2020
sharpness: 4.5
color: 4
build: 5
distortion: 4
flare control: 4
overall: 4.3
tested on:
  • film camera:Film camera
  • APS-C: 6MP6 MP; 10MP10 MP; 12MP12 MP; 14MP14 MP; 16MP16 MP; 20MP20 MP; 24MP24 MP
  • full frame: 12MP12 MP24MP24 MP36MP36 MP42MP42 MP
ownership:I own this lens
compared to:G 70-300 (4.5), FE 24-240 but shoot off has not yet occurred.
price paid:100 cdn used
positive:Very sharp throughout and good to the edges (which is a surprise).
negative:Heavy bugger. Occasionally miss focus. But I have had missed shots with the G 70-300 (via laea4) and 24-240 as well.
comment:I purchased this as-is with a case of the Sigma stickies,optics unknown. As I was not expecting to use this too much, having a G 70-300 and FE 24-240 but I wanted the 2.8 so figured $100 CDN all-in not too large a risk. I un-stickied the body, removing most of the graphics in the process,found the focus ring a bit growly when pointing upwards and on one occasion, the focus seemed to bind. Not wanting to damage my la-ea4, I figured I would dive in for a look. I could not find much on disassembly and even Sigma does not have a schematic, this is the ZEN version, so I got in as far as I could, blew off some dust and removed the front barrel to check out the drive ring. Looked fine so oiled a bit and seems much smoother. I believe I see a very, very faint hint of haze on the inner element, front facing, but I can't figure out how to get that section separated. Front and rear elements are clean. Aligning the helicoil (sp?) was a pita but got that done and set the front group to infinity. Prior to this, I was shooting with a micro focus adjust of +10 or so. Now, no adjust is required and infinity is perfect. Sharpness is great though the range and even wide open. Not as sharp as my RX10M3 BUT the FF sensor shows details the 1" just will not bring out. Contrast is slightly less than ideal, perhaps the haze? A bit of processing with DX011 and improvements are very good. DX011 identifies the lens as a Sigma 70-200 f2.8, a Minolta 70-200 f2.8 and occasionally as a Minolta 70-210 f4. Overall, very pleased....except for the weight. I have to do a shoot-off with all 3 lenses at similar focal lengths and determine which 2 I will be keeping. The 24-240 seems safe due to convenience but the other 2.... no, I will probably keep them both.

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  • total reviews: 15
  • sharpness: 4.23
  • color: 4.20
  • build: 4.73
  • distortion: 4.67
  • flare control: 4.40
  • overall: 4.45 - Home of the alpha system photographer
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