Tokina 300mm F2.8 AT-X 300 AF PRO A-mount lens review by ricardovaste

reviewer#4287 date: Oct-25-2008
sharpness: 5
color: 4
build: 5
distortion: 5
flare control: 4
overall: 4.6
tested on:
  • film camera:Film camera
  • APS-C: 6MP6 MP; 10MP10 MP; 12MP12 MP; 14MP14 MP; 16MP16 MP; 20MP20 MP; 24MP24 MP
  • full frame: 12MP12 MP24MP24 MP36MP36 MP42MP42 MP
ownership:I used to own this lens
compared to:200/2.8
price paid:
positive:-Sharp lens
-Nice focus ring
-Good build quality
-Colour reproduction is nice
-The black finish is good
-Quick focus
-Bokeh is usually very good
-Love the case it comes with, just adds that quality factor
negative:-Difficult to get sharp shots with wide apertures (sharp focus, that is)
-CA control isn't terrific, but still not bad
comment:I've used this lens for many months now (9? 10?) and I've taken some shots I'm quite proud of with it. The lens just has a quality about it that seems to allow me to come away with good shots. Strange really. Everytime I doubt it, it puts me straight!

I've tracked big and small birds in flight with it on the A700, even with a Kenko 1.4 DG TC the focus doesnt seem impaired.

The way I use it is by engaging the focus ring and keeping it on Continuous AF. I then tap the AF/MF button with my thumb and pre-focus to where I think my subject will enter the scene - works brilliantly.

Sometimes, CA (chromatic aberation) can be a problem, but this is only in VERY high contrast scenes and when using wide apertures. Something software can take care of usually.

Check the sample photos, I have some old ones posted in there. May update it soon.

I don't think you can go wrong with this lens, though they are incredibly hard to find in our mount, i would definately recommend one. The lightest 300/2.8 out there and works great with a 1.4 TC (though I don't have a 2.0 TC to try). Also used it with the A100 & 7D and focus was both very good with them (using the above method).

rating summary

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  • total reviews: 6
  • sharpness: 4.92
  • color: 4.67
  • build: 5.00
  • distortion: 4.83
  • flare control: 4.67
  • overall: 4.82 - Home of the alpha system photographer
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